Christian Service 4LIFE 2021

Junior High and High School students are invited to attend the 8th annual CS4L at the Microsoft Theater on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021!

Past Events

We’ve had some good times together at the Microsoft Theater, Galen Center, Dodger Stadium, the Rose Bowl and more!

We Believe LIFE Is For Everyone

At LIFEsocal, we stand shoulder to shoulder with people from all different races and religions who believe that LIFE IS FOR EVERYONE. Together we strive to bring a new and vibrant awareness to being pro-LIFE. By hosting large family events, we rally regular people and inspire them to do something positive for LIFE. Our approach is pro-LIFE, positive and non-political; we invite people to pray, learn facts, support local pro-LIFE organizations of their choice, and do something positive for LIFE.

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