What Can I Do 4 LIFE?


Prayer is our most powerful weapon against abortion. Pray daily for the pro-life cause! You can pray for…

  • the end to abortion
  • those considering an abortion
  • political leaders to respect life and enact pro-life laws
  • the conversion of all those who have had abortions, who support abortion, and who perform abortions
  • the continued courage and perseverance of all pro-life leaders
  • and many more!

Some pro-life prayers can be found at www.priestsforlife.org/prayers.

Lead by Example

Show respect for all life, and don’t be afraid to be pro-life! Show the world that being pro-life is normal and great. Don’t shy away from conversation about abortion. Be compassionate but not apologetic. Remember, even though situations may be extremely difficult, it is even more difficult to overcome guilt and depression from abortion. There are other options! Listen to what other people say, and try to lead them to the truth. Not every argument will work for every person. Oftentimes the best way to convince someone is by practicing what you preach. Everyone can do something to help the pro-life cause. Find something you love to do, and do it often. Encourage your friends to join you. You can make a difference! Do something positive for LIFE!


Find and contact your local Pregnancy Help Center, and see what they need. Get a group of friends together and do whatever you can to help!

Raise Money and Collect Donations

Have a fundraiser (car wash, dance, baby item drive, etc.) and donate all proceeds to a pro-life organization. There are tons of great ones!

Educate Yourself

Learn the facts about life and arguments to defend the pro-life position. The truth is on your side. Discover it!

Check out the Los Angeles Archdiocese Respect LIFE curriculum. There is lots of good info and super awesome resources.


Reach Out

Email information about any upcoming pro-life events to info@lifesocal.org so that we can help you advertise on our website, Twitter, and Facebook. Email pictures of all pro-life events and activities to info@lifesocal.org and they will be posted as well.

Get Involved

What Can I Do For LIFE?

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