Uplifting Pro-life Event has HUGE IMPACT!

What do you get when you cross a bunch of passionate pro-life speakers with more than 20 of LA’s best food trucks, thousands of excited pro-lifers, 3 rocking concerts, and a load of fun games on the pristine turf of Dodger Stadium? Read below to find out…

Walter Hoye II, Lila Rose and Archbishop Jose Gomez

“This game-changing event broke new ground in the Pro-Life movement by setting a new standard for reaching out to the families and youth in a way that made being Pro-Life “COOL” in the public square. Moved by music and fueled by fun, food and festivities, families and youth prayed, played and publicly praised God during this unprecedented, unparalleled and unplugged event.”

– Pastor Walter Hoye  II

“What a special event! You did an amazing job! I am sure many, many people were touched and encouraged. Thank you for letting me be part of it. :)”

– Lila Rose

“I have to tell you that more than one person told me they were profoundly moved by the Hispanic girl who was raped. I didn’t hear all of her speech but my mother-in-law, who has never been an activist of any kind, told me she was going home and looking up her local pregnancy help clinic to see what she can do. “I’ll clean their bathrooms, I’ll do whatever. I can’t just not do anything anymore”. This is a VERY big deal. A few others told me that was the speech that resonated with them.”

– Anonymous

“I can’t tell you all that I want to say, it was amazing that Mauricio my son could be part of this extraordinary event, you are helping him to grow and he learn about your tremendous generosity. Thanks for all what you are doing in the great SoCal organization.”

– Azucena Kuri Carrasco

Archbishop Jose Gomez and Mauricio Kuri lead a walk around Dodger Stadium at go2bat4LIFE.

“This [event] is awesome. It’s the first organization event that we have been invited to that supports LIFE and I think it is really important that more of these groups exist because Life is the most beautiful gift we have and we have to support it.”

– Mauricio Kuri

“It was our pleasure to be there in support of such a great cause and event. I have gotten lots of positive feedback from our volunteers and look forward to continued promotion of LIFE!”

– Joe Kim, Campus Ministry, St. Francis High School

“Congratulations on a great event!!”

– Carolina Guevara, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Lincoln Brewster performs at go2bat4LIFE

“Thank you so much! I was there and had a wonderful time! My granddaugther was standing right next to the girls dancing in front of the stage! You were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I thank you for having Lincoln and the band at the event.”

– Cheryl, Lincoln Brewster

“Thanks for everything you do for the unborn.”

– Fr. Tony Marti, Saint Francis High School

“Thank you for inviting me, you can count on me to help you plan something next year. You all hit a home run, you knocked it out of the park for JESUS.”

– Jesse Romero, Christian Radio Personality and Evangelist

Mark Mohr of Christafari performs at go2bat4LIFE.

“Thanks so much for having us play Go2Bat4Life. You guys are such a tremendous blessing. It is always an honor to be a part of your events. Please keep us in mind for ANYTHING that you have in the future. Count us in. We REALLY believe in what you guys are doing!”

– Mark Mohr, Christafari

“You and the others are doing God’s work for “the least little ones!”

– Fr. Matt Elshoff

“We had a blast! It was a great day, the staff of PHC were very impressed with EVERYTHING! YOU did a great job of producing an exceptional event.”

– Jane Chavez, Pregnancy Help Center of the San Gabriel Valley

“What a wonderful event. My thanks to you, for giving us all the opportunity to participate in this wonderful celebration of Life.”

– Anne Hennessy, Right to Life League of Southern California

Walter Hoye II and Marion Jones on stage at go2bat4LIFE.

“Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Go2Bat4Life!! I had such a great time and we got almost 60 new Until Abortion Ends submissions!”

– Marion Jones, Director I Am Whole Life

“Thank YOU! What an event! What a beautiful day! What a fabulous venue! What fun and inspiration! The talks were amazing! The rolling screen around the field was fantastic! And a great turn-out!!!!!! Thank you so much for that shot-in-the-arm.”

– Marguerite Grimm, St. Monica Academy

“It was a great event! Congratulations to all of you that work so hard to make it possible. Looking forward for the next upcoming events. We had a great time and it is great to see all the groups that are working to reach our goal to save lives from the womb to natural death with dignity.”

– Teresa M., St. Andrew Confirmation Coordinator

“Thank you for the hospitality and for all the great work you’re doing for Life! God bless.”

– Leo S.

“I want to extend my thanks for an up-lifting day. You and your staff were great! Where did you round up all those awesome volunteers???? You even managed to have the sun come out and warm us all! You worked very hard, and it showed; THANKS!”

– Geri Urrutia

“Thanks for the photo and for everything you are doing.”

– Fr. William Miscamble, University of Notre Dame

“I enjoyed the walk and meeting everyone. It was a great location. Keep up the good work. I think the rallies are good places for people to exchange ideas and encourage one another, and form a younger generation to be prolife.”

– Fr. Mark Mary, EWTN

“You did an amazing job with G2B4L, it was a great success and everyone loved it!”

– Libby H. (PCC student)

“We enjoyed the event. My son had fun stuffing the bear and going on the bumper cars and jumpers. He also liked his dodger dog meal. The speakers delivered powerful messages.”

– Jeanmie

“Thank you for organizing this wonderful and inspiring event!! The speakers were truly inspiring—Mauricio with his youthful energy and Verastegui with his sincere appeal to the audience, to mention a few—and I personally felt motivated to keep up the good fight!”

– Marisela

“What a fabulous job you all did to make Sunday’s event such a huge success.”

– Joanne G.

“Congrats for a great event!”

–RD Delgado

“Hopefully this stays an annual event.”

– Jason S.

“It was a GREAT event!! I was happy to be a part of it… LIFEsocal did an outstanding job with putting on such an amazing event!!”

– Sheila

“Thank You! There is no way we could have turned out half as many kids without your help! They genuinely had a good time.”

– Sister Benedicta Marie

“From a personal perspective, I can tell you that the night before go2bat4life my 1st Grader slept in her LIFEguard shirt, sweatshirt, pants, etc. so she would be ready FIRST THING in the morning to go to Dodger Stadium. [My older daughter] was absolutely through the moon excited to go to the event, and she’s THRILLED that she won a Lila Rose autographed baseball…I was happy to hear [my daughters] talking among themselves about protecting the unborn, and how they can’t imagine how anyone could feel differently. Naturally we are pro-life at home, but how nice to have this reinforced among so many vibrant young people. I’m sure you hear it from a lot of people, but I can’t tell you how grateful we are for positive events like walk4life and go2bat4life. I’m absolutely certain that lives will be saved, and families changed, because of the seeds planted in these events.”

– Pat

“I’ve been getting messages from friends who were there today. They’re all raving about how awesome it was. Very excellent day. Good job!”

– Margaret

“Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful, positive and FUN event to the pro-life movement—in such an over-the-top manner!”

– Loraine

“Thanks so much for having us. Congratulations on a successful event!”

– Morgan Wahl, Mater Dei Song team Leader

“Congratulations on a beautiful event!!”

– Amy

“Congratulations on such a creative and successful event. A lot of yet to be born babies will be very thankful for all your efforts!”

– Mike H.

“g2b4L will grow and it will have a growing effect. It will change hearts. It will begin to change the culture. One day people will look at the last few remaining PP buildings, preserved only as museums, with the same horror as we look at Auschwitz. And then they’ll go with their family and have a rockin’ good time at g2b4L!”

– Julia

“What an amazing event. Great job! Hats off to you.”


“We had an AMAZING time yesterday! God Bless You and all everyone involved in coordinating this event! It was awesome!!!!! …it really was worth every minute of the day! Lila Rose’s 2nd guest… her testimony alone was worth being there! I was beside myself in tears! I just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing to push the proLIFE movement with our youth, and creating events like this to educate everyone on what it really means to be proLIFE.”

– Sylvie A. (Teacher, St. Joseph’s School)

“I’m so glad that we went to the event yesterday! It must have been a lot of work to organize it. Thank you very much, and congratulations on a job well done.“

– Joseph

“Thank you so much, and congratulations to all of you!”

– Stephanie Hopping, Editor American Life League

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