Hand-made bracelets beat political banter in making a difference for Pro-LIFEers

In an election year, you’re likely to hear candidates talking about the abortion issue, but my friend Katie isn’t making political promises… she’s making bracelets, and lots of them. Katie is a remarkable 10 year-old who is turning her love for making beaded bracelets into cash and momentum for the pro-life movement in Southern California. What started, as a fun thing to do with her cousins and friends has become a little girl’s creative contribution to a cause that is saving lives. Katie has now made over 300 bracelets and has a variety of styles. Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind and some have gone for as much as $50. Thousands of beads go into making all this pro-life bling and Katie is just as passionate about the products she creates as she is about the cause they support. After every supply order for new beads, Katie and her cousins can’t wait for their Amazon shipment to arrive and start in on their next batch of custom creations. My friend Katie is an inspiration. Some would consider her ambition and enterprising spirit to be the secret of her success but beyond her artistry and business savvy, Katie is a girl who is using her love of making multi-colored bling to make a positive difference for LIFE. At LIFEsocal, we believe that Life Is For Everyone and we believe that, like Katie, each of us has God-given talents that can contribute to saving lives and making a positive difference 4LIFE. To learn more about doing something positive 4LIFE, register today for “the best Pro-LIFE party ever” taking place at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012.
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